Anthology XV: CD
  • Anthology XV: CD
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Deluxe 6 panel Digipak.

18 songs celebrating 15 years of music from The Awakening. Every song has either been remixed, reworked or re-recorded. Anthology XV includes new versions, alternate versions and 2 new songs: "Fault" and "Beneath Your Feet".

[1] The Sound Of Silence (2013) [2] Descent (Chrome Mix) [3] Indian Summer Rain (XV) [4] Angelyn (2013) [5] Fault [6] Beneath Your Feet [7] Razors Burn (XV) [8] Upon The Water (XV) [9] Mirror Tricks (XV) [10] My World (Apocalyptic Version) [11] Eve (Wish Version XV) [12] The Dark Romantics (XV) [13] Maree (XV) [14] The March (Single Mix XV) [15] Vampyre Girl (2013) [16] Standing (Axial Version) [17] Martyr (2013) [18] Amethyst (Live Piano Version XV)

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